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Memories for a Lifetime

Price is something we remember for a short while...Beauty, Quality and Value we remember forever.


Exquisite Diamond Engagement Rings

Offering the best value at any price point, we provide expert assistance in helping you select the perfect diamond to commemorate your new life together. While many purchases you make such as a new vehicle are short lived, nothing else endures for generations or says as much about your love as your diamond ring.

"Every woman has her own unique beauty, as do diamonds. While comparing proportions on paper is important, it is not the only determination of value and beauty. Let us advise and help you choose the perfect diamond to reflect your love." 

Cut is the single most important of the four C's of diamond grading. Cut determines the amount of spectral light returned to your eye in the form of dispersion (fire) and scintillation (sparkle). In recent years research has proven that there is not a single set of proportions, but many combinations and variations of proportions, to maximize the release of the inner fire in your diamond.


The Many Facets of a Diamond

One of a kind fancy color diamonds are a beautiful compliment to many skin tones as well as a unique way to express your individuality. Large fancy color center diamonds, encircled by a halo of scintillating colorless diamonds, in designs that convey you appreciate beauty, rarity, and durability . Warm, rich browns, exotic greens and yellows, rare fancy light pinks and blues, or dramatic black diamonds sparkle in contemporary black rhodium, 18 karat white or yellow gold, mix and match stackable bands.

Necklaces of fancy color diamonds, faceted into tiny briolette beads, float on handcrafted 18 karat gold chains, in collectable designs that are perfect for layering. Rose cut diamonds set in rustic designs evoke a romantic by gone era.

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