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Andrea Candela

Nestled between the distant mountains of Valencia, Spain and the Mediterranean Sea, Andrea was born in to the renowned Candela Family of Master Jewels.

For years, she watched her father and brothers meticulously handcraft beautiful fine jewelry, with a love and passion for their country.

Today, Andrea's unique sense of European style & design are evident in all her pieces.

Andrea Candela

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Alwand Vahan

Jerry's Occoquan Jewelers is Northern Virginia's exclusive dealer. These distinctive designs in 14 karat and sterling silver are eminently wearable and highly addictive! Many of our clients collect multiple styles to express their unique personalities.

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Rembrandt Charms

With styles for every age, Rembrandt Charms capture memories to last a lifetime. An enduring classic for every women's jewelry wardrobe.

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